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Digital Marketing Coaching

We know you have the ability to integrate digital marketing into you business- you just need the right coach to help guide you through it.

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Social Media Coaching

You've tried to create social media posts that convert, but you're tired of posting and not getting the results you want. It's hard to know where to start or what type of content will work best for your target audience.


Our Social Media Coaching 1:1 is a solution that can help you get clear on how to use social media effectively in your business.

  • We will analyze your current strategy using your social media analytics and determine which types of content are working for other businesses like yours.

  • We will discuss and determine which platforms are going to work best for your business based on your current Social Media (Instagram/Facebook) and Google analytics. We will also determine how often/when you should post each week based on those same analytics.

  • We will create a plan based on what works for your target audience so it's easy for you to implement!

This coaching session is an investment worth making because it will give you clarity around how to use social media in your business as well as strategies that have proven successful with other women entrepreneurs just like yourself!

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Content Strategy Coaching

You feel like you're spinning your wheels and not getting the results that you want from blogging. Your goal as a female business owner is to get more people reading and subscribing to your blog posts which in turn creates revenue.

This Content Strategy Coaching 1:1 coaching session will help you write blog posts that drive traffic and convert.

  • We will help you analyze your current blog analytics to determine strengths and weaknesses.

  • We will determine the relevant keywords that you need to be targeting in each of your blog posts.

  • We will create a plan for publishing blog content that's both relevant and engaging.

  • We will show you how to track your results so you can see how well your blog is performing.

Business owners know that they need to spend money on things and services which will bring them the best return. By working together, we can focus your attention on what matters- growing your business! After our Content Strategy 1:1 session, you'll finally have blog posts driving traffic AND conversions for a more successful future ahead. 

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Email Marketing Coaching

As a woman business owner, you know email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with customers. The problem is that it's also incredibly difficult! It takes time and effort just to find the right words for each message. Then there's finding the best times and days to send them out, tracking open rates, conversions…the list goes on!

Email Marketing Coaching 1:1 is the perfect solution for you. With our personalized coaching, you'll get all the help and support you need to create an effective email marketing strategy that works for your business.

  • We will create a strategy tailored specifically for your target audience so that every email has a clear purpose (conversion) as well as an irresistible offer (lead magnet).

  • We will come up with content ideas that will get opened by your subscribers.

  • We will establish a plan of action, so you never have any doubt about when or how many emails need writing each month.

Email Marketing Coaching 1:1 is the best investment for your business because it gives you the tools and skills needed to create effective email campaigns without spending a lot of time and energy learning how.

Check out Tona's sample coaching sessions.

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We would love to learn more about your digital marketing goals.

Let’s join forces to drive awe-inspiring results.

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